RED x's on all folders and files

I have two Synology NAS drives - a DS1815+ and DS1821+

I connect to my shared drives using Raidrive. I map them to X and W. One of my systems maps fine and syncs and works as expected.

But on my laptop and office system, they mount and map the drives but they are not syncing. All the files and folders have little RED x’s on them and if you try to access them they either fail or take way too much time to access. Folders show up as empty after taking minutes to scan. But they are not empty.

Googling this keeps ttopic only speaks about OneDrive. I am not using OneDrive. REmoving OneDrive does nothing to fix this DDNS WebDAV issue.

Can anyone resolve this for Raidrive and Synology NAS units?

Hi~ @Richard_Mulawa,

Could you send screenshots and log files to