Realative path (path not starting with / )

Hello, I just start to use this product and I have a problem when specifying the path for a Webdav o SFTP mapping.
I am not able to put a path not starting with a “/”, whatever I fill it is automatically update with a / in front (i.e. my_path -> /my_path)
Is there a way to avoid this / at the beginning of the path ?

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Hi~ @nicanor.colino,

According to connection URL rule, path should be started from ‘/’.
If you have reason to remove this, could you describe more?

Hello, thanks for your quick reply.
At least in Unix is different the absolute path /xxx from the relative xxx. Sometimes you only knows the relative one (from the place where the server login set for you) and you do not know a priori the absolute one. It is not the same i.e. /mnt/remote_disk_n/users/my_name/working_dir or put only working_dir. In the other hand, I do not see why the user must be forced to specify always the absolute path


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You’re right about the PATH.
But as you know, only after connecting RaiDrive could recognize the absolute path.