Re-install failure

When I update version of RaiDrive, this dialog appeared

And since that time, I can not uninstall RaiDrive. When I remove by you uninstaller, and re-install RaiDrive, that dialog appeared again

Hi~ @luckyguynen1112 ,

After uninstalling RaiDrive, check to see if any files remain in the paths below, and if so, uninstall everything and reinstall RaiDrive and let us know the results.

  • C:\Program Files\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive

It’s still occurred, here is failure report, please help me, thank team!
MSI72C3.LOG (256.9 KB)

Could you try to run RaiDrive.Cleaner to uninstall the old version?

It’s still occurred as above, even I run the cleaner as admin right.