RDS requirements / service crash

Hi, as mentioned in Raidrive Citrix Compatibility Raidrive supports RDS.
We are running version 2020.6.25 on a RDS environment with approx 15 users. It works great, but after a few days up to a week the service crashes/stalls. Can you share the system requirements for RDS or advise on how we can prevent the service from crashing/stalling?

Hi~ @BJ1,

When RaiDrive has crashed, the dump file will be generated under C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive.
Please send or share this file or logs to support@raidrive.com.

Hi~ @BJ1,

RaiDrive limits the concurrent connection to RiaDrive.Service.
The exact number is not clear but not enough to your users.
We doesn’t mind this usage before now but will consider this in the future version.

Hi could we solve this limit by switching to the commercial license or could we hire you to implement this feature?

It will be a professional feature, but we’ve made no plan to implement in the near future version.

If you are in urgent situations, we will make a beta version for your case.
Please let us know.

Hi, this situation now became urgent for us. The customer now really needs more concurrent connections. It is showing new users a red cloud with reconnect screen in Raidrive. Could you make us that beta version as suggested? We are willing to pay you.

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Hi~ @BJ1,

We will start to discuss about this issue from now and then let you know soon.

@BJ1, we sent the beta version for your request.
If you have any questions, please let us know anytime. :slightly_smiling_face: