RaiDrive with WebDAV changes the last modification date of a file when copying it

I am using the current version of RaiDrive with WebDAV. WebDAV changes the last modified date of a file when copying it! WebDAV is so useless at the moment…

Example: a file has a change date locally on 1.1.2019 but after copying with RaiDrive 22.8.2020!

Can you solve that?

Hi~ @Nino_Kemt,

Unfortunately, it’s caused by missing feature(s) of your WebDAV server.
If you are using Synology, it does not support to keep the modified date with WebDAV.

Hi, sorry to break into this old topic,
But I have the same problem and it appears only to happen when I use Raidrive to connect to my webDAV drive.
If I use the standard Windows 10 webDAV client and have my cloud as a network drive, this does not happen. Also if I use an other program, AirliveDrive for example, this does also not happen and the orginal date is kept.
So, only when I acces my cloud drive, Trans IP (Stack), by using Raidrive and copy a file, the date is adjusted to the current date/time. Which makes me think that this is somehow caused by Raidrive. For the rest I`m perfectly happy with Raidrive, but would like this issue to be resolved.

Best regards,

Hi~ @Jasper_Rengenhart ,

We are trying to reproduce the issue you mentioned. If possible, could you provide a test account of the TranIP Stack to check the status quo? Please send us a test account by e-mail( and we will talk to you again after checking.