我在Raidrive上面挂载了Google Drive,然而随着时间的增长,Raidrive的内存占用越来越大。我的电脑又10GB内存。

Hi~ @111156,

Could you let us know the version of RaiDrive?


I have the same problem .
My system is win10 and RaiDrive version is 2019.12.22

@RaiDrive the version is 2019.12.22

RaiDrive version is 2019.12.22

One of the possibilities is the numerous files in the storage.
It is caused by caching all file information to be operated.

@111156, @cchaha_X , @24197396, Could you let us know what kind of operation you try frequently on RaiDrive?

I almost do nothing , just check file list in several folders …

@RaiDrive i use the plex scan moveis and musics…