RaiDrive Volume Size Limit

I use RaiDrive with the FTP space of my service provider. I hired 100GB of FTP space and everything was working fine. Now I increased the hired size to 500GB and I get an error message that disk size is full when copying a 200GB file. I set the size limit in RaiDrive to 500GB. I can copy the file directly through FTP using the Total Commander. Is there a limit on the size of the volume using RaiDrive?

Hi~ @Wolfgang_Junkmail ,

RaiDrive stores its cache on the local disk, you may run out of local disks.
First, make sure that there is enough space on the C:\ drive, and make sure that the space on the C:\ drive is larger than the size of the files to be copied.
If it is difficult to secure space in C:, please change the cache storage to another drive in RaiDrive’s settings.
If the problem persists, please e-mail( the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log).

Thank you very much for the explanation. I wanted to copy a Windows Sever Backup onto the FTP. These files are very large of course and if the larger part of the server memory is occupied, this will lead to the described problem, wich it does in my case. So I will have to find a backup which generates smaller files.
Thanks again and you may close this subject.