RaiDrive shows my G Suite shared drive but not my MyDrive

Using the google drive file stream for local drive mapping, I can see and access MyDrive and my Shared drive. But after uninstalling Drive file stream and install RaiDrive, I can only see my Share drive and not MyDrive. I have permissions set as manager for both shared drive and MyDrive. I have RaiDrive set to map as a local hard drive. I had to uninstall RaiDrive and put Drive file Stream back on so I can get access back to MyDrive mapped as a local drive. Am I missing a setting somewhere?

Hi~ @Rick_Lance,

You can see “My Drive” in the Personal tab. :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome, thanks. I will check on that tomorrow. Will I need to check anything to also have shared drive show up or is it always there and I missed that above? I think I selected Business tab when I set it up as it was from my business account. Would personal get me both? Or do I do both tabs?

Except for the Shared drives, every account of Google Drive can be used in the Personal tab. :smiley: