Raidrive professional with Dropbox business not working

So i Have raidrive professional but when adding a dropbox business its write protected if i add normal dropbox its not and it says on the business that with pro i can remove the read only but the box is greyed out please help me with this as soon as possible

Hi~ @mohammed_khan ,

To use the Dropbox Business write function, you must subscribe to the addon to use it.

so im charged $2 monthly anual fee on a subscription for professional for a year twice as i have 2 licences then i have to pay an additional $5 a month

i may aswell purchase mountain duck for 1 year $39 and will do the same job i need
instead of raidrive

i have now changed my prefferences and wish to remove the aws compatibility and change this to dropbox business is this available to do

Hi~ @mohammed_khan ,

You can edit your subscription information by accessing the RaiDrive homepage, Signing in, and clicking the Change button in the Subscription menu.

i have done that but no imidiate change on my current subscription which i have paid for please can you look at it and let me know

Hi~ @mohammed_khan ,

To remove AWS Compatible and change to Dropbox Business, uncheck the AWS Compatible checkbox in the Change menu, check Dropbox Business, and click the Change button to change without additional payment.

i have done this but it does no immediate change will only change at end of billing period

i have even tried unsubscribing and re subscribing and changing still will not change its telling me it will only change on renewal which is sat 30th april 2022

so no help or support given about this issue then just telling me the same thing to do that i have done thanks very much whats the point in having something that does not work

Hi~ @mohammed_khan ,

We’re sorry for late reply.
The reason the changes are not updated immediately is that AWS Compatible has a price of $10 and Dropbox Business costs $5, so the difference is $5, so it was not updated immediately. If you select one more addon and update it, it will be updated immediately and you can use Dropbox Business right away.