RaiDrive login issue

When attempting to login to RaiDrive from the program itself. Using Facebook or Google will go through the authorization steps. After you have done them, it kicks you back to the login screen to login again.

If you try to login using an actual user and password instead it again kicks you to the login server but says internal error.

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Could you send log file when you meet a trouble?
Please send the log file via e-mail(

  • Log file : C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

If you can reply, we will review the error and contact you again.

Log file has been sent.

Also just to clarify, the program itself works fine, i can connect to my google drive, upload and download to it fine. The only issue seems to be trying to login to the Raidrive account itself from the sign in from the top right.

I can login to my Raidrive account just fine if i go to

Hi !

I have the same issue, I think - clicking Sign In from the RaiDrive client redirects me to the in-browser login page, where login is successful, but the application does not acknowledge this.
I’m using W10 and the downloaded installer, not the Windows Store (if that helps).

Hopefully we are having the same problem and one solution will fit both ? :slight_smile:

Best regards,

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Hi~ @Scottslegacy, @Xtian_Aero,

We found that IE11 on Windows Server doesn’t access localhost while Chrome does. Temporarily to avoid this issue we recommend Chrome browser on Windows Server. :sweat_smile:

We will keep looking for the solution to this issue.
Thanks a lot for your helpful report. :earth_africa:

Funnily enough, I’m using Firefox and also tried Edge (just in case).
Connecting with Chrome did the trick, now I’m successfully connected within the RaiDrive application.

Now this is weird. Are you using a browser-specific API ? :thinking:

Strangely enough i am using chrome and it is set on the default browser. The login page that comes up is in Chrome.

It’s no biggie though, i am not using any of the pro services, so the login isn’t really needed.

RaiDrive does not depend on a browser but looks like. :thinking: This issue is relative with access to http://localhost. We will let you know why this happens after researching.

Oh~ sorry for the wrong recommendation.
We guess that this issue may be relative with the policy of Windows Server about access to http://localhost. We need more researching. :running_man:

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same here with Windows Server 12, try to login using an actual user and password but says internal error.
Any news about your researching ? :slightly_smiling_face:

What I also noticed is that when I disconnect the remote connection between my Pc and the Windows Server raidrive also disconnects the connection to the FTP site network connection.


They are still hiding… :sweat:

Did you install version 1.8.0?
Also we will check this issue.

yes, version 1.8.0 is installed.


I am also experiencing this but i need the log in for paid features. Was there any fix for it? I am on Server 2016 and using chrome.

Dear, everyone.

Finally, we’ve almost solved this issue. :pray:
It will be fixed in the next coming version within September. :fire: