RaiDrive Install: illegal operation attempted

Was using 1.7.0 without issues. Enjoyed it, so decided to get the pro version to support the creator. Also, decided to upgrade to the latest version.
Got the subscription, logged in, and clicked on upgrade.
During the installation I’ve got a window with the following message:

Title: RaiDrive Install
Message: Illegal operation attempted on a registry key that has been marked for deletion

But the installation continued. After finishing, upon restart, I’ve got the device drive problem, which is documented here on the forum. Uninstalled and tried to install again.

Now I get the same illegal operation, but the installation will abort.

Will post the full log below.

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MSI63F9.LOG (479.8 KB)

Just tested t he 2020.6.36 nightly build with the same results.
Also tried reinstalled 1.7.0 and it installed without issues.

The problem is definitively related do EldoS cbfs driver.
On the device manager, the device is marked as unknown and with problems and, when I try to update the driver using the from the package, I get the same exact error about the registry key.

Hi~ @Rodrigo_Barbosa,

We are checking the issue you mentioned.
What is the OS of the PC experiencing the issue?


Windows 10 Pro - 64 Bits

Hi~ @Rodrigo_Barbosa,

We sent the patch for this issue by email. :smiley:
Please reply if this issue is solved or not. :email:

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Thank you. I was able to install this version.

However, at least on some very limited preliminary testing, I wasn’t able to notice any speed increase from the performance extension.

I also didn’t get any extra pulldown options, like “Quick Delete Using RaiDrive”. I’m not sure if that’s still a thing or the documentation is out of date.

In any case, the specific problem reported, being unable to install the new version, is solved.

This is the exact procedure I used:

  • Using RaiDrive 1.7.0, unmounted all my Google Shared drives

  • Closed the RaiDrive 1.7.0 GUI

  • Using services.msc, stopped the RaiDrive service

  • Manually installed the provided 2020.6.37.exe file

No reboot was performed. After installation, all my previous configurations (drives and login) were preserved. Nothing was lost.

All in all, the installation was flawless.

Thank you very much.

If there are any tests you want me to perform, let me know.

I can now confirm that, after a reboot, I see both a substantial speed increase and the “RaiDrive Quick Delete” option.

Amazing job.

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