RaiDrive high data usage

Hello, I´ve been using RaiDrive Pro for months now, and recently I changed my ISP. This ISP allows me to see a daily data traffic, and I was surpised to find that since April 1st until now, I´ve used 1.8TB of data.

I have a separated PC where I run a Plex server and RaiDrive, so I installed GlassWire to see what was causing that high data usage.

RaiDrive downloaded 135GB of data from 3AM to 5AM today, and I don´t know why or how I can fix this. As I said, I´ve been using it for a while and just started doing this

Hi~ @bordes.matias ,

RaiDrive is a virtual file system. Therefore, it operates according to the user’s or system’s read/write request.
Perhaps an antivirus program or similar program is reading the files.

Please use RaiDrive’s “Process Monitor” feature.
Activate the process monitor at that time and monitor which process is generating I/O.

Or, look for the process using the network a lot in the Windows task manager.

If the issue persists, please e-mail( the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log). We’ll see if there are any other issues.