RaiDrive creates new folders without overwriting the existing ones

RaiDrive creates new folders without overwriting the existing ones in my google drive mount. Happened 3x times now (last on 16.12.2020).
I like to sync my entire docs, pictures and music automatically using the sync software Synchredible onto the mounted google drive.

Whilst running perfectly fine for months in this configuration, sometimes I guess RaiDrive doesnt report to my sync software, that the folders for sync (which are updated every day) are already on the drive.
So my sync software assumes,the folders aren’t on the drive and creates them new, which clogs my available space.

No, I can’t recreate the issue, as it happens very rarely (also I dont normally access my google drive mount manually (mostly only when I see, that the available space is low)).
For additional information take a look at the video:

Do you have some ideas, how I can fix this behaviour?

RaiDrive Settings
Drive Settings

Happened yesterday again! Now i have proof that raidrive doesnt correctly report: RaiDrive reports one folder (the newly created yesterday), but there are two on my drive online. The oldest is from the 16.12.2020. Might there be a date issue? There is exactly one month between the folders?

Hi~ @NoClue,

Doesn’t the folder appear after reconnecting the drive or after some time?
If the folder is not displayed after reconnecting the drive or after a while, please send the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) by e-mail( and We will check the issue you mentioned.

Will do when the issue appears again. Deleted the duplicates to free up space.

So, after some time the issue appeared again (but i didn’t notice right away, so don’t know if the duplicates showed after some time; they are there now, but a level above, hinting part of the path wasnt showing, which led into the recreation of the needed folders).


Thats why there are 2 folders with a following “(1)” i think.
It’s weird though, that only “Documents” and “Music” got recreated. They share the same activation time, which means first runs the sync job for the documents, this job calls the next job which is music and this job calls the “photos” sync job when finished.

The txt.logs hint invalid credentials (which work and didn’t change in the past time). I will send you all of the logs though via mail. The service log 2 is bigger than the rest (it was created on the 21.03.2021, the date of the recreation of the “missing” folders). Maybe you find more information in there.

Anyway, thanks for any help in advance!

Hi~ @NoClue ,

The issue with (1) in the name is due to the nature of Google.
Google allows multiple files or folders to have the same name.
But Windows doesn’t accept the same name.
Therefore, RaiDrive is supposed to automatically add a number like (1) in this case.
This can happen if there are actually two files or folders with the same name in Google, or a temporary synchronization failure.
If the drive is disconnected and then reconnected, if (1) is added, it is actually the case that there are two identical names in Google.
A lot of effort is being made to minimize the case of temporary synchronization failure. Please try the latest version.

Thanks for your reply, but I’m already using the latest version of your software (atleast it doesn’t report an available update).