RaiDrive can't discover shared folder from Dropbox

Good afternoon,
I have a Dropbox plan with 3 more users. The admin of this plan has created a shared folder in root with all permissions for all users. As we can discover this shared folder with software like airexplorer we can’t discover it in the virtual drive created with my Raidrive pro account.
Does anyone knows how to solve this issue or if it’s possible to discover this folder?
Thanks in advance,

Hi~ @Luis_Peris ,

DropBox requires you to join shared folders before they appear in the list.
When you’re in DropBox Web, you can select “Shared” from the menu on the left, click the desired folder in the list, or click “Join Folder”. The “Join Folder” button should appear when you hover over the folder (make sure your window is large enough to see it).

If you continue to have problems, please provide a more detailed description or a screen capture.
And be sure to let us know your results.