RaiDrive_2023.9.5_x64.exe flagged as malicious

MS Defender Antivirus and Virus Total flagged the installer as malicious

I am a new user and just encountered this. I would love to understand if there is an actual malware issue or if this is a false positive and either way, what to do. Thank you!

Hi~ @dbryan , @webdbase .

Thanks a lot for your valuable report.

It is caused by Windows Defender’s rule, but you can check the RaiDrive package on the online virus checking service.

me too (2023.9.0, not 9.5)

Hi~ @donald.nees ,

We recommend installing the new version, 2023.9.5.
Please note that when you download the file, Windows Defender’s rules may detect a virus, but it doesn’t mean that you actually have a virus.
You can check the results of an online virus scan at the link below.