RaiDrive 2021.5.20 : Keep original modified date of a file

After installing the 2021.5.20, it is not more possible to keep the modified date of a file while copiing a local file to a cloud server with this release of Raidrive. The date and hour seen with the File Explorer is always the time and date of the copy.
Setting or not the “Try to keep “Date modified” when copying” button in the Advanced options does not change anizhig.
Thank you for your help

Hi~ @admin6 ,

By default, WebDAV cannot change the modification time of files.
There are some supported WebDAV servers.
Synology DSM 7.0(beta), QNAP, NextCloud, OwnClouud, etc. (Based on the latest server)
It seems that the WebDAV server you are using cannot change the modification time of the file.
If your WebDAV server provides a file modification time change function, please provide the server information.