RaiDrive 2021.12.35


  • WebDAV, FTP: TLS/SSL version selection
  • WebDAV: HTTP Timeout setting


  • Local Disk: keep the shared folder property after rebooting (public option)
  • Local Disk: try to reconnect until the internet is connected (public option)
    -File Lock: delete lock-related files on disconnecting (MS Office, HWP, Libre)
  • MEGA: detect normal server
  • AWS S3 Compatible: Endpoint settings
  • OneDrive/SharePoint: “Too Many Request” retry
  • OneDrive/SharePoint: free space detection
  • Security: vulnerability


  • Box, Dropbox: file modified time
  • WebDAV: TLS1.3/TLS1.2 connection (Zyxel NAS326)
  • WebDAV/FTP: Connect using different credentials
  • WebDAV: upload fail (Expect100Continue)
  • WebDAV: authorization of sub-folders
  • WebDAV: folder attributes
  • Sudden death
  • MEGA: IPv6 connection issue
  • Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable 2015-2022 (x86) install issue