RaiDrive 2019.11.29


  • Add MEGA, AWS S3, Azure Storage, Google Cloud Storage, Naver Object Storage
  • Add Nextcloud, Synology, ASUSTOR, QNAP, ipTIME in WebDAV
  • Add HWP, Microsoft Office, LibreOffice, OpenOffice File Lock in all storage
  • Add the mount(connect) at boot without sign in Windows
  • Add the lifetime control of temporary files


  • WebDAV: enhance the performance of the upload
  • SharePoint: expand the scope of site list
  • Copy/Move Performance Extension: enhance the performance of the upload
  • Support TLS 1.3
  • Change to .NET Framework 4.8


  • Inaccessible to the mounted drive when RDP disconnected
  • Upload fail in a some application
  • Authentication fail for mounting in Windows Server
  • Google Drive, OneDrive: refresh fail for file/folder list
  • pCloud, WebDAV: the special character not to be handled
  • Dropbox: small file upload fail
  • Box: date-time not to be recorded in a big file
  • The volume name of File Explorer not to be applied