Question about Sessions

Hello, this is my first posting. I have a question about SESSIONS. If I purchase only one session but install Raidrive on two machines, My question is: If PC-1 has the active session as Pro version, then PC-2 will have the FREE version, but if I shut off PC-1, will I be able to make PC-2 PRO version and PC-1 become the FREE version if I desire to switch in this way? Do I understand that only one PC can be pro but can this situation be reversed as long as only one PC has the active PRO version. I have 3 PC’s but only use one at a time so I see the need to only buy ONE PRO version if possible.

Hi~ @maddogdj,

We think that you need only one session. :smiley:
The last logged-in PC will be the professional version but others will be the standard automatically.