Purchased Pro Version, added users, does not recognize as pro


We purchased the pro edition literally yesterday. I add email addresses for employees, they go to sign in, no file lock. What is the reason we cannot use the file lock? We have paid the extra $0.50 for the file locking, but does not work at all. What am I doing wrong???

Hi~ @Cassidey_Ousley,

Thanks a lot for your subscription.

If you want to share a subscription, you should invite your employees in “Share with others”. Also, your employees must register in RaiDrive. Even though you did, if still in trouble, please let us know where emails added.


Yes i have added our employees with their email addresses in the “shared with others” section. Some have created accounts as needed. But when they sign in within the app, it will still show file locking as locked only for the pro version. Is this because it says “in trial” on the subscription page.


So I think we figured out the problem, thanks for your help. Apparently some of our employees were not clicking on the second email to activate the account after creation. I appreciate your help.

actually, after trying it again, pro version still not activated. Only for my account since I am the one who purchased it. We have added emails, activated accounts, sign into rai Drive, but pro is still not activated. I am very confused here. The only reason i think this is happening because it still says “in trial” but we have already paid.

hi again,

so i actually figured it out this time. we had to upgrade to the latest version. We signed into the application and were able to sign in, but not the pro version. So we then signed out, then signed back in and only then was it successfully upgraded to the pro version.

thanks for your help again.

Great to hear the activation from you. :smiley:
If you have any questions, please let us know.