Prompt user to enter password when authentication fails

We use RaiDrive to connect to a Synology NAS throught the WebDAV protocol.
This Synology NAS is AzureAD joined and therefore users can sign-in using their Office365/Azure principle name (

For obvious security reasons we have a password policy in place that configures that the user need to change his/her password every 30 days.

When the user changed his Office365/Azure password it’s not automaticly updated in RaiDrive ofcourse. Upon booting the system RaiDrive will try to autoconnect and map the WebDAV mapping to the Synology which is giving the user an errormessage. The user only sees an error and doesn’t know what is going on behind the scenes.
Instead of this errormessage we would LOVE to see if RaiDrive can show a pop-up saying the username and/or password is incorrect and giving the option to EDIT the password. This saves us a lot of work every 30 days or so…

An example of a program who have this feature standard build-in and working nicely is WebDrive. When authentication fails it just promps the username/password box again so the user knows the username or password is incorrect.

Would be highly appreciated!

Nobody? Not even a DEV ?

Super community and nice replies from the authors/devs. What a complete lack of support and care… useless

Hi~ @HestronicBV,

We understood what you mean and will consider more enhanced convenience in the future version.
Now, your user can edit her/his password with one more click when “Unauthorized (401)” situation happens.


I know, but this is a generic error message. We use this client on a Synology NAS connected to Azure. We configured a password policy that enables users to change their password every 30 days.

Some users get it when they change their password they also need to edit it into RaiDrive but there are alot of users who don’t get that and keep pressing retry because they don’t know how or the need to change their password in RaiDrive too resulting in their accounts being blocked by the many login tries under 1 minute…

A pop-up asking to fill in their username/password again would be great. WebDrive has this feature and was working good, the reason we got to RaiDrive is because Synology support told us, but this is a massive gamebreaker and considering going back again since this creates so much work every 30 days…

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Just want to add that RaiDrive also doesn’t accept app-passwords from Office365. We have a meeting about IT next week but I’m going to suggest the board we switch off from RaiDrive, to much missing obvious options/integrations.