Proffesional Plan

When will the Pro Plan become available?

Hi~ @Hollander_1908,

It will be very very soon. :sweat_smile:
Thanks a lot for your patience.

How much of the Profession version? Is subscribe or lifetime plan?

I can’t wait… Do you have ETA?

Professional version is Subscription

Any annual or lifetime plan available?

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I have a question about difference between the Basic and PRO features. I see the documented additional features, but my question concerns the subscription based PRO features.

Does the fact that it is a “subscription” mean that some of these features depend on a RaiDrive server back end? This is important because it means the difference in having a truly private and secure (local device only) connection to online storage VS a proxy connection and information stored on another server. This is a very big concern, because of the actual impact it makes. MOST people, even IT professionals may not even understand the difference.

Also, secondary, less important; Will there be a, one-time payment, PRO (offline) version?

Yes, ONLY the information of subscription comes from RaiDrive Web Server but nothing else.

Right, RaiDrive stores NOTHING relative to the connection property into the remote location.

We’ve just started and expect to announce more plans like your suggestion. :blush:

We’ve just started and expect to announce more plans like your suggestion. :blush:

Thank you for you very swift response. I already appreciate this application and have been able to move tons of data with it.

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HI! you are the best storage manager. please consider LIFETIME PLAN LICENCE