Professional Rai-Drive changing to Standard


I was setting up my Rai-Drive account on a second device.
When I try to use my same credentials, it changes my original device to Standard, from professional.
Is it not possible to have the same account signed in with Professional features simultaneously?

Hi~ @Beyond,

If you want to use the Professional Edition on other devices at the same time, you need to subscribe to one more license.

I don’t understand what “Unlimited RaiDrive Running” means then.

Also, if my second device gets labelled as Standard, does that mean I receive ads and have zero benefits? Including my local disk addon.

Its means you can have unlimited raid drives running but only ONE of them will be the paid for Professional

Hi~ @Martin_Murray ,

The meaning of Unlimited RaiDrive Running stated on the homepage means that you can use RaiDrive without running restrictions on an OS that uses multiple sessions, such as Windows Server.

I must say that I was surprised, too, that I cannot use the license on my two Laptops and PCs at ones. From the wording “Unlimited RaiDrive Running” I understand, that I can use “Unlimited RaiDrive Running”, not limited to one system. What you sell with your comments is more like “Unlimited drives” what is already in the list. For a private person 4 licenses are match to expensive and since a few days I cannot step out the contract any more.

This has to be clearer in your “advertising message”.

I very much agree with this message.

The wording is VERY misleading and to pay for multiple licenses would mean that another service is a more viable option.