Problem with win terminal server 2016

Hello, i hope this is the right category, i’m new on the forum!
I would like to explain our problem, we are trying to run Raidrive on a Terminal server with Windows Server 2016 with other’s networks drive attached on, we are encountering some issues when we deploy raidrive:

1- people star reporting us that the server start to slow down \ freeze during the day
2- I noticed that sometimes when i launch Raidrive on my user account, it’s like the service is not running, i see the application but can’t click on the “add” button and so on.

After 2 test with 2 different Raidrive version and the same result i’m here to ask if i can report to you guys any logs or if there’s a official support section to send them.

Thanks in advance and stay safe!

Forgot to tell you that we are using it with nextcloud webdav.

Hi~ @Matteo,

Could you send log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to

Hello, sorry for the delay!

Here you find a screen that show i can’t click on “Add” button (Aggiungi), after server reboot.
Service of Raidrive is running, i attach logs.

log - (10.0 KB)

@Matteo, RaiDrive has the limitation of concurrent connections.
How many connections to RaiDrive at the same time?

We usually have like 20 ppl minimum on the terminal server working

Unfortunately, the current RaiDrive architecture cannot supports over the 5 concurrent connections in a PC. It might be unstable.

We will consider how to handle over 5 connections in the future version.