Problem with user connexion (401)

I have look the similar topics but can solve my problems.
It is a small home Synology system with 3 users (1 is admin and 2 members of family group).
I’m doing test on the same laptop within in home network.
I can connect to DSM (via web client firefox) for the 3 users using NAS local IP or internet public box IP or quickconnet service. So ID/PW are fine to connect.
On my laptop RAIDrive, I’ve setup:

  • Drive Z for AdminUser with Internet Box IP => connection is working
  • Drive Y for FamilyUser with Internet Box IP => connection fail 401 Error
    Both raidrive configuration are identical.

Can you point me to a solution ?

Some news…
As the only difference is the Admin and non-admin group membership, I’ve explored the differences.
I found that Family group was not allowed to use the WebDAV server application on the Synology NAS.
Changes this and it works.
So error 401:

  • ID/PW
  • Permissions on folders
  • Permission on WebDAV.
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