Private torrent file

I whant to buy but i dont now it is possible to download from private torrent sites and make seed ?
what i need to buy ?


i whant this,i whait any mod reply,thank you for your ideea

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Hey, Good Day to you :wink: :cowboy_hat_face:

I can’t ensure this would 100% help but hopefully it could give an insight on your decision making, I honestly had personally experience been using RAI-drive (also few others more previously) for quite sometimes now to say on your concern yes it actually does a tremendous job on it & the system been improving ever-since & much more after pro being introduce but I would love to remind & HIGHLIGHTED there is one major concern issues for you to look into which is your “hardware” part.

As this would be a platform to “assists” us on making access to the cloud storage simpler they will need to have a “Temporarily Cache” location where it could takes a certain amount of storage for a few while so if you considering on the torrent I would recommend a medium-sized storage SSD as temporal hub in your PC & use the recommended torrent software from the sites you planning to do so. I notice a smoother & less problem on the torrent or any other things when i combined this factor with the usage of Professional+local storage mount addon to the RAIdrive to catch and like track our ‘files’.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:

You can not download torrents through RaiDrive as this is meant to allow easy access to Cloud Storage and not to Torrent and Seed.

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For me it works perfectly fine without any extra troublesome.
As I been using my G-Drive team storage it loads quite slow but when I hook up my storage using RaiDrive and mount it has local hard-drive (Pro-Version) then my torrent works so much better & it can see/leech directly as using a physical drive. :slight_smile:)