PHP WebDAV Space Issue

The webDAV server I am connecting through uses a PHP script to handle WD connections. The endpoint is /webdav.php/ - this mounts fine, except all the files and folders mount with “%2F” at the beginning of their names.

The files don’t open, and the folders are all empty because obviously the names aren’t correct. Every other program I have mounts them correctly (odrive, mountain duck, expandrive)

Hi~ @Alex_Raine,

Can you send a log file by :email: email( to check for errors?

  • Log : C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

If you send us a log file, we will review the error and reply again.

I have sent the log files. There were only 2, and I didn’t see any actual errors.

Hi~ @Alex_Raine,

We checked your log and it looks like you are using the old version
Upgrading to the latest version 1.8.0 may solve this problem.
If the problem persists after upgrading, please leave a reply.

I was actually using 1.8.0, there just weren’t any errors so all the log info was from the previous version I was running.

Any update on this perchance?

Hi~ @Alex_Raine,

We are confirming the phenomenon you mentioned.
We will reply you again once the verification is complete.

Hi~ @Alex_Raine,

We need some information to identify the error.

  • WebDAV server type(NAS device name or WebDAV server program name, etc.)
  • WebDAV server version

If you send a reply, we will tell you after confirmation.

The WebDAV is this server running on nginx.

Thanks for your reply and a nice clue. :+1:
We’ve research the source code of server and then found out the reason why %2F is displayed.
It will be fixed in the next version.