Opening PDF's with file lock

We are using the Pro version across our company with the file lock feature enabled which has been working great for most windows applications including Autodesk products. The one issues we struggle with though is it doesn’t allow multiple sessions of PDF’s to be open. Is there a way around this or maybe functionality that could be added to future updates? I’ve just been copying the PDF to my desktop for the time being if I also need to view it but that is a bit cumbersome to have to keep doing that. We are often reviewing items together where we would both need to be in a PDF just viewing it, not editing. We use Adobe Pro DC, WebDAV to a Synology NAS if that matters.

Hi~ @Matthew_Fisher ,

When one user already has the file open, when another user opens the PDF file, it says the file is already open or in use and can’t open the file?

We are sorry, but there is currently no workaround for this issue.

Thanks for the reply! Yes, that is what is happening. Any chance that could be included in future updates? Or is that just not possible with that type of file?

Hi~ @Matthew_Fisher ,

Adobe’s Acrobat is problematic because all users make exclusive read requests.
In order to reliably support LOCK, it is the best policy to report sharing violations to Adobe’s program upon exclusive read requests.

For reading only, we recommend using Acrobat Reader or another program.

However, we will continue to work on this issue.