Open and Save super slow

Im using the paid verison of RaiDrive with file lock, with a Synology RS820RP+ with 4 HDDs running in Raid0 only, (testing purposes) and SSD Cache cards and I have about 40 workstations all using RaiDrive. However when someone opens or closes a file onsite or offsite it is super slow. Takes minutes before it saves and sometimes opens. Any thoughts or ideas.

Also just now noticing that moving through the file directories clicking on folders is now also slow. Another side tip was that when we put the server in and RaiDrive it was working fine for 4-5 days. They slowed down. I then put in the SSD Cache cards running in raid 1 for synology for read/write, thinking that was the problem. It worked for about 3-4 days fine, then slowed to a crawl again.