Offline activate for SFTP

I just downloaded the latest standard version and want to use it in my small lab to mount a SFTP server.
The installer works but when I launch it it seems it wants to connect to the internet and without this it doesn’t let me do anything.
Does it need any activation ?
Is it possible to do it without an internet connection ?
How ?
Thanks in advance.

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Hi … There is no answer or comment for this !! … Am I the only one in this situation? … I will have to look for another program … what a shame !! :frowning_face:
RaiDrive looks quite nice.

Hi~ @Paco_Jones,

The current version is not available outside the internet because of the subscription mechanism.
But in the old version ( or less), you can DO connect to SFTP server.

Thank you. I just downloaded that version, I will try it for a few days and will be back to report how it works.
Initial tests are ok, it connects to SFTP server and shows accenteds chars in filenames right, so it seems nice for me :smiley: :smiley: