Not all files showing up

I am using Webdav and when connecting on 8 out of 10 windows 7 machines not all files showing up. It seems to get more the after time but never loads all files or directory. Sometimes when I connect it missing a ton, others it seems to be missing about 40%. I waited 3 days just to make sure it did not have to cache it and it would be fine .I just loaded it on another windows 7 machine and its seems fine. I didn’t know if anyone had this issue and how they resolved it.

Thank you for an help

I just purchased a subscription and this is the exact problem I am having. Installed RaiDrive Pro on a Windows 7 32bit machine and not all of the files are showing up in the mapped drive. If I stop RaiDrive and start it again, different files and folders show up.

We are attaching it to WEBDAV. Is there a patch that I need to load to correct this issue?

Thank you.