No WinGet package because of EldoS device driver

Hi, I have created a pull request for a WinGet package for RaiDrive. Unfortunately, it cannot be accepted yet, because of the manual confirmation that the EldoS device driver requires.

The problem could maybe be solved by either:

  • Passing some non-standard switch to the installer so that the driver installation is automatically confirmed. Is this possible?
  • Adding an external dependency to the EldoS device driver. But I have no idea where I can find it. The driver seems to be EldoS PnP Virtual Bus, and the official website seems to be, but I could not find it there.
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Hi~ @marco-eckstein,

Thanks a lot for your valuable effors.
We know what happened in your works, and has been preparing the new version to solve it.
It will be announced very soon.

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