No connection. The buttons "add", "settings", "log in" are not active

Friends all welcome.
I can’t figure out what is the reason why I don’t have the opportunity to add a new disk, the button is not “add”, “settings”, “log in” is not active. What could be the reason, and where to climb?

You may need to check RaiDrive services and reset your computer if possible, seems like the services are not working properly.

Hi~ @system.mugadiev,

If you upgraded the older version than 2020.2.12, you need to confirm to install the device driver called “EldoS”. Or please check proxy settings.

I also tried to install version 2019.12.22, it did not help. Can you please for more details, how to solve the problem?

P.S.:I have a small level of knowledge)

First of all, you should uninstall version 2020.2.12 and then install it again.
While installing you may see the dialog for installing the device drive like the below screenshot.

You MUST press the Install button. :slightly_smiling_face: