Nextcloud webdav can't connect with new raidrive version


I have used RaiDrive version 2020.6.80 to connect to my nextcloud server with webdav.
Everything work in version 2020.6.80

But inn the new version 2022.3.30 I can’t get it to work

I use the same servername and path :433

I have tride diffrent TLS/SSL

I get the error: Reson: 401 Unauthorized.

Thise is a new PC I’m connecting from. The old with the old version off Raidrive works.
The new PC can connect to the nextcloud server and the nextcloud client is installed and working

any suggestions on how to get it working?

Hi~ @espenbo ,

We’re trying to confirm the issue you mentioned.
In order to isolate the issue, we need the information below.
Please send us the information below by e-mail(

  1. log file (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log)
  2. NextCloud version

And if possible, please provide us with the access IP, port, and test account by e-mail( so that we can directly access and test.
If you send us the above information, we will check it and tell you again.

I got it working.
Inn Nextcloud. I disabel Two-Factor Authentication. The I made a new ‘Device & sessions’ password.
I setup the new passwords in raidrive and loged inn. It worked. Then I turnd on Two-Factor authentication.

Thanks for the help. Hope thise helpes sombody else :slight_smile: