Nextcloud WebDAV access with RaiDrive doesn't create versions

I used RaiDrive for quite some time to connect from Windows to Nextcloud via WebDAV.
I have discovered an issue I would like to report:

When an existing file is modified on a WebDAV share, a DELETE command is issued to the server before PUTting the updated file.
This results in file versions being destroyed!

Hi~ @spam-receiver ,

Please tell us which program modified the file in order to accurately identify the issue.
In general, since RaiDrive operates based on the file system, deletion may have been requested from the file system.
Also, if there is a target source during Rename/Move, in principle, it is deleted first to prevent failure.
Give us more information and we’ll see if there’s anything we can improve on.

I can’t really determine if the issue is more relevant for some programs than for others.
I’ll investigate logs and come back if I identify any pattern.


I spent some time on more in-depth investigation.
It seems that the symptom of “disappeared version history” indeed is caused by some programs I use.

More specifically, I saw the issue most oftenly with photos, so I focused on them.
Photo management programs tend to be “careful” when it comes to overwriting en existing photos after e.g. adding a tag to the metadata.
The photo management program would rename the original file (taking the version history with it), then save the updated photo with the original name (hence as new file), finally delete the original file (including the history).
Other programs do it vice versa (save new file with tempoary name, delete original file, rename temp file), but with the same effect.

With this analysis I conclude that not RaiDrive is causing the initial issue.

Hope this helps anybody else, too.