New storage: Mediafire

It would be nice to have Mediafire. They offer cheap storage in PRO.


We will consider adding MediaFire.
Thank you for your feedback.

MediaFire has lost in popularity but it has always been reliable and cheap storage. I support this!

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is there an update on this topic?

Hi~ @kazihorka, @Pretender, @Vladimir_Horak,

It seems that MediaFire does not provide Open API anymore.
We’ve asked this issue to MediaFire and are waiting for an answer.

I have found this:
Does it help?

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Thanks a lot for your information, @Vladimir_Horak.
But it looks like closing the registration of a new app.

what do you mean by closing? The api should be working and you just need to register developer account…

This is not a concern with developer account but “App ID” and “API Key”.

This step is described in the chapter “Create Your App and Generate Your API Key
But Create New Application was disappeared on that page.

We could not find out till now.
If you know the other way or hint, please let us know.