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Our team uses a Synology server that is physically connect to our office. We have an address connected to the drives that allows access from outside the network

Just recently my RaiDrive connection will no longer work and gives a error (401). Everyone on my team can connect and has no problem. I have always had an issue with one of our drives but I don’t use it. The only software I have installed is BIM360 desktop connector which is Autodesk’s cloud drive. Other than that I have not changed anything on my computer.

Please help

service.log (47.2 KB)

Hi~ @Drew_Cook,

From the error in the log you sent, it appears that the user ID or password is incorrect.
Please check if your Synology device has not been updated to the latest Beta version. In Synology Beta version, if you use non-English characters for your ID, you will not be able to log in.
It is difficult to find other causes, but if you can tell us more details, we will find the cause. (Please send important information by e-mail(

I have sent an email to you.

Thank you

Hi RaiDrive,

I have tried other users logins that currently work and am still unable to login. I think the issue is happening on this computer with software conflicting. I don’t know what to do.

Hi~ @Drew_Cook,

Looking at the log you sent, it seems that the ID/PW was entered incorrectly because Synology server returned a 401 error.
If you have entered the correct IP/PW, please check if the address or port of Synology Server is correct.
It is also recommended to turn off virus scan and Ansi virus software for a while and try again.

I have figured out the problem. I tested the login through an FTP and could not long in there. The Synology server blocked my IP address. I think this happened when my mesh-network crashed and it cause RaiDrive software to sign in multiple times in one day. I have DSL with a static IP address.

Thank you for your help and hopefully this can be a check list of others.

Hi, I have the same issue but essentially everyone can connect at the office but not remotely via raidrive which returns a 401 error. The error only started last week out of the blue and i hadn’t changed any settings. I’ve contacted synology and they’ve checked all my settings and it appears there’s nothing wrong with synology or my internal network for that matter because I can login with the same ID/PW in the office and via DSM. They asked me to contact raidrive or check my router settings.

Please help!!

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I have had really good luck with Synology service over the phone. Synology helped me solve my problems. I have a feeling your issue might be in your router. I have a SonicWall and it is very complex with too many options for me to understand. I paid a computer network company to set up the router. There might be some kind of security built in that is causing you the problems. Check firmware and software update. (same for your Synology)