My word document unable to save on my WebDav

A few of my colleague just informed me that they was working on a Word file, drafting for few hours till about 3pm, saved the file.

When he tried to open the file at 6pm, he couldn’t find that 3pm latest version. This is one of the example, Other staff also facing the same issue.

Hi @Khairul_Hakimin,

You may need the File Lock add-on.
This can happen if two people open the Word file and save it separately.

Please send the logs of both users to, and we will analyze them and reply to you.

Okay I will send you the log file, this is from my observation I’ve noticed that when we open a Word file, a temporary file appears. Even after saving and closing the document, the temporary folder lingers for quite some time. Once it eventually disappears, reopening the same document sometimes displays an older version.

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