My upload to Google Drive are very slow

I’m a Pro user. But I don’t know what to do. My upload is very slow.

When I start upload something, the upload is slow.

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Hi~ @Gabriel_Cassio,

When you upload the same file through a web browser, how about upload speed?

Using web browser I can use my real speed.

Could you send log files (C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to
We expect that log files say something useful. :smiley:

I’ll send the logs. I hope there a result for me. Thank’s.

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This issue has happened because Google Drive force to disconnect while RaiDrive uploads a file.

This message means Cannot write data to the transport connection: An existing connection was forced to be canceled by the remote host.

When RaiDrive meets a transfer failure, she retries several times.
It is the reason why the transfer speed looks so slow.
But the bad thing is what finally a transfer fails.

In the next version, we will fix or enhance to avoid ineffective retry.
Thanks again for your report and patience.

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I had to cancel my subscription, I upload over 80 Mbps with Google Drive Web, with the RaiDrive it remains extremely slow, almost 15/20 Mbps.

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@Gabriel_Cassio, very sorry for not solving this issue quickly.

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I’ll try with a new version, in te future.

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have you come up with a fix for this? I am in the same boat. A file that would only take 2-3 minutes to upload to my Gsuite drive using google file drive stream is taking an hour or better using raidrive. If this can’t be resolved or fixed, i will have to stop RaiDrive as well.

@Rick_Lance, Could you send log files ( C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log ) to

I jsut uploaded them to you

@Rick_Lance, Your log has several "Google’s internal server error"s on downloading.

Unfortunately, this cannot be handled by RaiDrive.
But we recommend changing the temporary(cache) folder to the local disk(C:) from F: and try again to download.

I cant use C drive due to size. that is the reason for the other drive to carry the Cache. I am not so much worried about the download as I am the ungodly slow upload speed of 1.5 to 2 meg upload speeds I have a 30 meg upload speed from my ISP. Google file drive was netting me 20+ meg upload speeds.

Faced a similar problem, sent you a log by email

Hi~ @region102.ufa ,

If you don’t limit the speed of downloads and uploads in your drive settings, RaiDrive will transfer at the highest possible speed.
Most speed issues could be a limitation or issue with Google’s API servers.
It’s not a problem we can solve. Sorry.

Hi RaiDrive,

I’m using version 2021.5.30, My Drive copy / Upload Drive is very very slow. I want to subscription but speed is terrible. I hope RaiDrive will also support for MacOS.

I also have problems with google drive, limiting my uploads, I believe it is not google drive, because through the browser, I make transfers at 40mb/s - 80mb/s, I sent the logs via email, please try to help me.

Many users are having the same problem, I believe it’s not part of Google but something coming from RaiDrive, could you spend more time on it?


Same problem here. Upload speed is terribly slow and very unstable.

Hi~ @Carlos_Wagner , @Jose_Miguel_Sanchez .

Uploads/downloads using Google API Server are much slower than web uploads/downloads.
We know that Google’s API server is slow because there are many restrictions and controls.
This is a well-known issue.
We had a lot of concerns and tests about this problem.
But we can’t solve this problem because it’s Google’s problem.
We will continue to work hard to improve the upload/download speed.