My Account Email Account Was Terminated By Google Liars and Deceivers

I paid for a Google drive account that included “unlimited” data backup, so I used it to store 5TB worth of compromising video evidence of many different things, including the Climate Change Hoax, how the globalists pulled it off and were able to deceive the young people into believing it, as well as the plandemic, exaggerated and orchestrated gun violence, fake and orchestrated racism (I don’t see racism anywhere I go), and just about anything you can imagine they are guilty of orchestrating to divide the people. As soon as Google learned I was using this account for storing videos, by spying on my data, and information, which they are still in the process of censoring, shadow-banning, and including in their internet book-burnings, they terminated my account without explanation. For the same reason, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and others will terminate your account for mentioning certain people we are not allowed to talk about, the people pushing the NOAHIDE LAWS.

Should I just create a new RaiDrive account under a different email address when my subscription expires or is there a way to change my original account email address so I can use the subscription for another Google account?

Newsflash, The United States Government has been hijacked by Communist-infiltrators and corrupt members of the DOJ, CFR, CIA, FBI, and many others. What worries me the most is how this plandemic was not about a virus that could instill fear in the public with the help of PCR tests. A watermelon will show up positive using the PCR test. See where I’m headed? It was about the vaccine and getting the entire U.S. military to take it. The only problem is that now people are dropping dead, and the number of people dead increases more rapidly each day. It is my belief that in five years time or less, the U.S. Military will not exist. This is treason and they are all guilty of it. It was done deliberately to deplete our military of fighting MEN. The objective has always been to feminize and sissify the Armed Forces. The open border issue is related. Watch this video: Died Suddenly

Hi~ @WhereAreTheSnipers ,

If you find yourself in a situation where you can’t use your current Google account, you’ll need to create a new RaiDrive account with a new email address.
If you have any further questions, please let us know.