Multi-user problem

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I am using nextcloud as a WebDAV server, and I am having problems when more than one user on a single PC uses RaiDrive… When a user connects RaiDrive to the WebDAV at login, even when they log-out, the RaiDrive service is keeping their connection and mapped drive open. I could expect that switching users would leave the drive connected, but when the user logs off surely the drive should be disconnected ?

I can see this at the server end, as the user account is still PROPFINDing the shares. Also, although Task Manager shows only one user logged in, the mapped network share is still present under ‘Network’. Worse than this, the logged out user continually polls all files instead of just polling the individual directory they’re accessing (presumably because they’re not accessing an individual folder) leading to high server load.

I had expected that when a user logs out, their connection would be disconnected but this is not the case. Restarting the RaiDrive service just temporarily disconnects both accounts and then reconnects both when the service starts again.

Is it possible to stop a logged out user from PROPFINDing the server ? Or ensure that RaiDrive disconnects when the user logs out ? Or is there a workaround that could disconnect the user when they log-out ? Thanks.

Windows 10, Nextcloud 17.0.1 and RaiDrive 1.8.0

thanks for the great software!

However, we have the same problem here as well. RaiDrive keeps drive names occupied when multiple users share the same windows 10 system. Each user has to logout of the system first, before the next user is able to use the system with RaiDrive drives properly connected.

This issue has occured with RaiDrive 1.8.0. In previous version the problem did not occur.

Hi~ @expertgeeks, @WAMozart,

Thank you for your detailed report.
This feature is driven from Windows Server but will be enhanced in the next version. :+1:

A private drive will be disconnected automatically in the next version. But for now you need to explicitly exit on the tray icon menu.

It should have been reduced a lot in this version 2019.11.29. :sweat_smile:

I can confirm the new versions (RaiDrive_2019.12.6 onwards) disconnect drives when you log out and I’m getting much less traffic at the server end. Thanks !

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