MS Word Compatibility on Mapped Drive

we have noticed, when we mapped a SFTP drive as Network drive in Windows 10, and attempt to open multiple Word (.doc/.rtf) files from the mapped location, only the first file open in Read/write mode and rest opens in only Read-only mode. Is this an expected behavior?

Hi~ @Sandeep_Banerjee ,

RaiDrive operates at the request of the Windows file system.
When MS Word opens a file in read/write mode, RaiDrive opens in read/write mode, and when open in ReadOnly, it opens in ReadOnly.

A problem may occur if the same file is opened in write mode at the same time.

RaiDrive supports LOCK in drive settings.
If multiple PCs open the same remote file in write mode, a sharing violation signal is sent by referring to the Lock file (~$…) of MS Word.
Therefore, MS Word opens the file as ReadOnly according to the sharing violation signal.

If all PCs are not configured to support File Lock, the file will be opened unconditionally according to the request of the basic file system.
Therefore, if another user opens and saves a file in write mode while working on it, the file may become corrupted.