Merge Mounted Folders


I would mount 2 or more separate cloud drive, into a same destination folder or drive letter. It could be even read only drives. I just would upload some files to each drive manualy trough web page or what ever, then i would se those separate files together in the same “virtual” folder .

Now if I want to do it, I got this error message:

“Mount point folder paths are available only on empty folders on basic or dynamic NTFS volumes”

Thank You :wink:

As far as I know, a network drive can only be mapped as a drive letter. It becomes, after all, nothing more than an external storage.
But you could probably create an NTFS symbolic link (mklink) to achieve more or less what you want.
You’ll still have 2 extra drive letters in your file manager though.

Hi~ @arklas5025,

The folder mount function can only connect one drive to a folder.
You cannot connect two storages to one folder.