MEGA not working on 2023.9.190

On using the newest version of RaiDrive MEGA is unable to connect. I get the following error:
Fatal error protocolVersion has been encountered on the local connection end

After trying to enable disable 2FA, etc on my Mega account, I decided to try downgrading RaiDrive to 2023.9.150. This then allowed me to connect to MEGA. So it would seem there is an issue with MEGA in the latest RaiDrive release.

Hi, Spy_Eagle.

There is no difference between version 9.150 and version 9.190 when it comes to Mega.
Can you please send me the log files after testing with version 9.190?

We would appreciate it if you could compress the log file folder below and send it to us by email (

  • C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log

Thank you.