Mega not showing files 5tb

I have 5-6tb of files on Mega. I can’t see my files. It seem like it is never “truly login in to mega”. The play button has the circles going around it for a while and logs in but i don’t see my files or how much space i have on mega. it say 8eb. Do i have to many files.

Hi~ @Reese_Mitchell,

Could send log files(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) to

Ok I sent my log files to you guys.

The preview version had sent to your email, and we hope to be resolved. :sweat_smile:

I had this issue countless amount of times in the last 3 months.
How I solved it (although I never had enough feedback on my explanations here, to know what makes the difference and causes Raidrive to suddenly work) :
1- Disconnect MEGASync Client
2- Go to the web interface and Menu > Reload your account. This takes a moment, let it run and wait until it’s finished and your cloud is accessible.
3- Then, restart MEGASync Client. And go to : Settings > Advanced > Force a Full Scan.
I have an 8TB Pro II account and hundreds of thousands of files (not big chunck movies), this full scan takes way more than an hour so : be patient.
4- Wait until MEGASync client icon is idle and reads “up to date”. As long as you see : “Syncing” or “Scanning”, wait. When it’s up-to-date, then you can start Raidrive.
5- The first time Raidrive will finally ! connect, it will take hours. It’s very unnerving. But then it works great. Even when you restart Windows.

90% of the time this worked for me.
N.B : Something extremely important I forgot to tell you : After creating the MEGA drive, enter the drive option and check “Update storage changes asynchronously”. If you don’t do that, even connected to MEGA, you’ll have tons of sync issues. Still dunno why this option isn’t checked by default.

This being said, in 3 months, those steps didn’t work at least a dozen times : Raidrive seems to try to connect for hours, uses a lot of CPU and RAM, no internet at all, and never actually connects. This happens when you begin to notice that, even connected properly (or so it seems), Raidrive obviously does not compute changes made by MEGASync, changes happening in your Cloud.
Only solution then (and this works) was to use Revo Uninstaller, remove Raidrive clean from hard drive and registry. Then re-install it.
I hate people who choose “I reinstall” as a solution to an issue. But I couldn’t find any better solution here…

G’luck. Raidrive works perfectly with OneDrive, Dropbox, Gdrive. But struggles like hell with MEGA. Probably related to the encryption. Truth is : MEGASync also struggles a lot. And very often becomes so unresponsive that only a “Options > Advanced > Force a Full Scan” makes it stable again. I guess this Full Scan is what makes the difference. Even for Raidrive (?)


EDIT : Installed the latest update 11.39 and now I have the same issue. Connects quickly. But in Raidrive it reads “Unknown Space” and in the file manager it shows an empty drive. Before (11.38) it couldn’t connect, now it connects to nothing. Not sure which is best.

What is your exact total numbers of files?

i’m using mega from last one year and half

i know many thing that mega dont discuss or explain even if u ask them through there email

So as far as my practical experience goes
Once you hit 200,000 files on mega
it will become very slow to operate for the first time and if you delete the cookies from your browser in panic it will again start from 0.

so my advice is hv files less than 200,000 on one Mega account
because unlike google drive which uses dynamic index

Mega uses Local index
what i mean by that is
all files and folder structure or say Directory is stored on your browser cookies locally
this is why mega is very bad when it comes down to handling 10,00,000 files

i hv practically put 300,000 files on one account and it freezes for about 2 hours to loads and function or come back to normal operational stage

but i never hv issue with running files below 200,000

one more thing
mega never deletes INDEX of your files and folders
so even if you in panic deletes all files and folder from your mega account
it will stay there u cant see it but through relogging and resetting cookies from your browser
it will still take hours to load properly.