MEGA, moving lots of files [...]

When I move a lot of files (using MEGASync as it goes much faster, moving multiple files in parallel), I always end up with a same problem. Just for info if it makes any difference : whether I keep Raidrive opened while MEGA is synching the changes or not : doesn’t make a difference.

So, after a big amount of files have been moved, Raidrive starts with a blank window, all menus are greyed out, and my usual MEGA mounted drive doesn’t even appear at all. Just blank window. And it stays like that forever without using a byte of bandwith (I checked with Netlimiter).

What am I supposed to do to fix that ? Only solution I found so far when too many files have been moved using MEGA web UI and Raidrive can’t follow and stay blank without doing nothing, is to delete all cache + logs. Then Raidrive restarts and connects to MEGA just fine like nothing happened.

Log file + screenshot of what I mean by blank Raidrive window with greyed out menus :

Please advise.

When Raidrive monitors too many changes in the cloud folders and struggles to follow, there should be an automatic rescan of the cloud from its root. Raidrive should delete its own cache and “restart” fresh.
If I do it manually : it works.

Hi~ @Hansolocambo ,

In order to accurately confirm the issue you mentioned, We would like you to send the log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) when the issue occurs again.
Also, please inform us about the state of the computer and the state of RaiDrive at the time of symptoms.
And when did you launch RaiDrive before the issue occurred? (Example: Run RaiDrive after powering on or run RaiDrive after power saving mode, run after exiting RaiDrive during work, etc.)

Please send us three kinds of information by e-mail( and we will tell you again after confirmation.

“We would like you to send the log”
log files are already there. First message. There’s a download link to a MEGA file of 16kb with all logs. It’s been posted and is available since I opened that thread O.o

“And when did you launch RaiDrive before the issue occurred?”
Raidrive auto-starts everyday for months at Windows Startup. And it works very well except when I move too many files using the Web Interface. Then I get the blank screen (also in the downloadable file in my first post)

Anyway. I came back for an update : I’m using Voidtools Everything where I can add the mounted the Raidrive/MEGA mounted drive so that Everything scans and index my cloud files. Super useful.
There is an option in Everything : “Attempt to monitor changes” that works well. But Everything being dependent of Raidrive, if I move too many files with, then Everything does not register the changes. All this is normal so far.

But in Everything there is also another option called : Rescan on Full Buffer. The explanation is, quote : “Rescan the Entire Foder, Subfolders and Files if the change buffer is full because too many changes occured too quickly”
I don’t know how this is coded, but I have the feeling that this “auto-rescan” when too many changes are registered in the files system is a solution to consider coding in Raidrive (as I explained shortly in my second message) to prevent this issue from happening.
Issue easy to reproduce on any MEGA account with hundreds of thousands of files.

  • Move 90K files using Then restart Raidrive : blank. For days.
  • Clear Raidrive’s cache and log. Restart it : works perfectly again.

Food for thought :wink:
Cheers. Wish you all a good day.
Great app you provide, so very useful. But there’s still room for a bit of improvement ! :slight_smile:

Hi~ @Hansolocambo ,

It was difficult to determine the exact situation from the log you sent. So I would like to get the log again when the problem occurred.
“Rescan the Entire Foder, Subfolders and Files if the change buffer is full because too many changes occured too quickly” This is an error from Voidtools Everything, and probably, if there are many changes, Everything seems to be unable to handle it. You need to contact EveryThing.

I’ll send you new log files as soon as this blank screen happens again.