Mega Error 204

Hello. I just purchased Raidrive starter to use with Mega. I’m using FreeFileSync donation edition to sync between my local drive and Mega. I had used Rclone, but it doesn’t support 2fa. Raidrive does.

When I try to sync the two directories together I get an error message that says:

[ERROR] API : Mega(MEGA) : Upload Block Exception : {“WinErrorCode”:5,“NotifyErrorCode”:204,“RaiException”:“Too many requests, slow down”}

But I’m not sure how to alter any settings related to that in Raidrive. I’m afraid to ask, but do I need to set mega as a local drive and not private? I hope not, since doing so requires an upgrade. Any ideas what the problem could be?


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Hi @Nathan_Chavez,

It was caused by Too many requests.
Here is a new patch to handle this issue.

If you still have troubles after upgrading, please send log file to

Thank you. However, I’m still having that issue. I’ve updated to 2023.9.74, and I’ve even tried switching syncing apps; FreeFileSync to robocopy. Both are giving me this issue still. I will email the log.

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