Mapping and unmapping a drive with command line

Something like this:

raidrv map /drvletter:X /drvtype:webdav /nastype:qnap /nasid:id /username:user /password:pass /readonly:1 /port:5001

raidrv unmap /drvletter:X

Hi~ @Daniel_Taka,

Your suggestion is wonderful! :+1:
We have a plan relative with this feature and will keep trying to release sooner. :running_woman: :running_man:

I also need something like this rather urgently.
Is there any progress?

I’ve seen a similar topic “add drive via batch” dated 2019, which is not answered…


In case this thread is getting any attention, I have these suggestions to add:

  1. The batch file should not contain clear text credentials. Maybe the password could come from another file where it could be in encrypted form. The command line would be defined as suggested by Daniel Taka with little change:

raidrv map /drvletter:X /drvtype:onedrive_business /credentials:[credentials filename] …

  1. To ease somewhat the writing of the command line, the connection could be defined in the graphical UI and exported as command line, including the encrypted credentials file.