Making new share but forgot FTP password


I’ve been proudly paying RaiDrive for almost 1year. And I have to say that it is a pleasure to pay for a software that I it works really well and with perfect support.

I deployed RaiDrive about 1 year ago, but now I need to add another FTP share. I already have 3 FTP shares with the same ‘user’, but now I want to add another share with the same ‘user’ and I forgot the password.

Since the password is stored in all my previous shares of 1 year ago, how can I get my password so I can make a new FTP share?

Thank you.

Hi~ @Carlos_Rosa,

Thanks a lot for your subscription and kind words.

Unfortunately, we cannot let you know the password because RaiDrive does not handle a password but just pass through.
It could be solved by a system administrator of the FTP server.

If you need any kind of support, please let us know.