Macrium Image Files

Hi All,

I have purchased the pro add on to hopefully be able to upload some Macrium images to wasabi directly. All seems well and the image succeeds and sits in the cache as expected. However as its a large image i cant see whats going on with the upload to wasabi and after a hour or so the cache gets cleared and the image disappears and never makes it to wasabi. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot or if im doing anything wrong. I am uploading this as a local drive mounted in windows. I appreciate it could take days to upload as its so large but as the cache disappears I can only assume something went wrong. Normal copy’s in explorer seem to work fine.

Many thanks


Hi~ @speedy,

In principle, the cache is deleted within the specified time if the file is not in use, and the time can be changed in the settings.

We need some information to reproduce the issue you mentioned.

  1. Detailed procedures in which errors occur (programs used for uploading, copy procedures, etc.)
  2. When uploaded to Wasabi, the size of the successful Macrium image and the size of the failed Macrium image
  3. The log file(C:\ProgramData\OpenBoxLab\RaiDrive\log) when the issue occurred

If you send us three kinds of information by e-mail(, we will tell you again after confirmation.

Thanks very much for the reply, email sent to support.


Hello Everyone,

Did you have any luck with looking at the logs I sent you to the support email address. I tested this with syncro and it was able to upload the file from its cache within 72 hours without corruption. Raidrive was then able to open the image directly from wasabi so its possible. However when using rai drives mounted drive to image to the above issue occurs. Any ideas?


Hi~ @speedy,

We are testing this issue, but it takes a little bit long time more than we expect.
We will let you know ASAP.